To Find the Sacred Hearts: Collage

The Aim of my Life, North: Collage

A Plateau: Collage

Callela 1, Death to the Kernal: Collage

A Boy Bewildered: Collage

A Horse! A Horse!: Collage

An Insight: Collage

Samuel Beckett Poem: Collage

Be Thin from the Tender: Collage

A City on a Hill: Collage

Fragile Threads: Collage

I'm Amazed I Walk I Talk I Function at all: Collage

All in Here Turned: Collage

The Invention of Solitude: Collage

Awash with Words: Collage

City of the Heart, Vast: Collage

Excursion into the Mountains: Collage

Fridays Child, W. H. Auden: Collage

Fall Short of Fountains Grace: Collage

I Want the Church: Collage

Fixed to be Fixed and the Need to be Broken: Collage

Paper and Sticks, Dylan Thomas (for Peter Blake): Collage

L'ami Venir: Collage

The Sea and the Mirror Preface, W. H. Auden: Collage

Can't Stop Falling in Love: Collage

The Lesson, W. H. Auden: Collage

Munich by Night: Collage

Lament of Sickness: Collage

Dream Gate: Collage

Ten Days that Shook the World 4: Collage Folio Society highly commended

Ten Days that Shook the World 8: Collage Folio Society highly commended

Ten Days that Shook the World all: Collage Folio Society highly commended

The Map Has Run Out: Collage

Fleet Visit, W. H. Auden: Collage

Horizon Eyes: Collage

Tired of Talk: Collage

The Unhappy Prince: Collage

Rise: Collage

Siena Angel: Collage

Touching a Pure Space: Collage

Who Could Ever Gaze his Fill, W. H. Auden: Collage

Bemused: Collage