Love for J & P: Collage

Please Use the Postcode: Collage

In God + Powder: Collage

Triangles in the Water: Collage

A Joining of Two Paths: Collage

Centredness: Collage

Make Mountains: Collage

Mon Coeur: Collage

Noah Shine as a Star: Collage

Our Village 1890 and 2008: Digital Collage

I Look to the Hills: Collage

Go My Hours Freed: Collage

The Connection: Collage

27 was the Plan: Collage

A Blessed Companion: Collage

A New World: Collage

AUrd: Collage

Be at Home: Collage

A Point: Collage for J.O.

AutoConserveLift: Collage

Be One in Aim (for J&B): Collage

Be the: Collage

Boy Man Pan: Collage

Burnt Out: Collage

Fill in the Gaps: Collage

Fainting Plaintive Grace: Collage

Callela 2: Collage

Capstan Cutup (for T): Collage

Fill Me Distill Me: Collage

Finders Touch: Collage

Fragments Soon Add Up: Collage

Fixed to be Fixed 3 (for the Lows}: Collage

It's all so Flippin Abstract: Collage

Trouble: Collage

Homage to Hats: Collage

Pleasant Mountain: Collage

I'm Feeling Cuckoo in the Head: Collage

I Want the Church 3 Lincoln: Collage

The Fun: Collage

Price 50p: Collage

Saline and Sad: Collage

Treesaver: Collage

Two Visions: Collage

The Human Machine: Collage

The Troublesome Collage: Collage

Details 28: Collage

Heart: Collage

We've Brought Out The Best & Worst: Collage