All four triangular collages together - Assembly of the Firstborn, The Simple Inherit Folly, Heavens Door is Open and My Treasured Possession: Collage
See all 4 of these larger here

My Treasured Possession: Collage
(55.6cm width x 80.5cm height)

Wandering Wanderers: Collage

Flowers and Football Tops: Collage

So Much Better: Collage

Heavens Door is Open: Collage
(55.6cm width x 80.5cm height)

Tears of Youth: Collage

Black Rocks: Collage

Assembly of the Firstborn: Collage
(55.5cm width x 80.5cm height)

The Moon is a Heavy Body 26: Collage More from this series here

In Silence I'm Sunk: Collage

The Simple Inherit Folly (Preramble): Collage
(56cm width x 77.5cm height)

Wealth is Worthless: Collage

A Golden Orb Placed in our Hands: Collage & Watercolour

Axis of Rotation, Homage to Joseph Cornell: Collage
Signed limited edition lithograph print available in my shop

The Spring is Wound: Collage

Things Go Swimmingly: Collage

Bootes and Corona: Collage

R.T. in Alger: Collage

What Advantage Does a Wise Man Have Over a Fool: Collage

Perpetual Challenge: Collage

The Holder of the Reins: Collage

Living in a Lie: Collage

DA ITZ LA RIN: Collage

My Feet Have Not Slipped: Collage

Animals Verging, Persian Jack: Collage

He Got What it Takes!: Collage

Make Hay While the Son Shines: Collage

All Else is Chasing After the Wind: Collage

Meaningless! Meaningless!: Collage

Colour Form Play 4: Collage and drawing collaboration with Liam Stevens (from 2014)

Protruding Proclamations: Collage

Ginsberg, Cat and Six Caesars: Collage

How Long Will You Love Delusions: Collage

Blindly Staggering: Collage

Wind Gap: Collage

There is a Party and we are all Invited, Pay Heed: Collage

The Moon is a Heavy Body 12 (Chapeaux Flechet Chap): Collage (19.6cm width x 73cm height) Series here

Twin Funnels: Collage

The Moon is a Heavy Body 9 (There's a Party and we are all Invited. Respect the Architect): Collage (21cm width x 80.5cm height) Series here

Ely Fleet: Collage

Jim Right Back In Action: Collage

Ludlow Flare: Collage

The Moon is a Heavy Body 2: Collage Series here