Face Down Head First (The Value of the Vertical): Collage, Ink and Watercolour
(70cm diameter)

All of Me Because of All of You: Collage and Ink
(70cm diameter)

The Salary of Certainty or the Salary of Smoke?: Collage, Ink and Smoke
(58.7cm width x 83.5cm height)

The Thin Veneer and the Circle of Significance: Collage, Ink and Watercolour
(25cm width x 20.9cm height)

My Days Vanish Like Smoke; My Bones Burn Like Glowing Embers (Nonsense Nerves, Fallen Self): Collage, Ink, Watercolour, Pencil, Smoke and Dust
(24.2cm width x 68.5cm height)

2X2 Paul (Bless Not Curse, Love Not Hate): Collage

2X2 Major XT%: Collage

Freedom's Forage: Collage and Ink
(74.3cm width x 33.5cm height)

An Audience of One: Collage, Watercolour and Ink
(55.5cm width x 80.1cm height)

I will not be Impressed as the World is Impressed (Fading glory): Collage, Ink and Pencil
(39.9cm width x 59.4cm height)

Exploded Room 2: Collage
(59.5cm width x 43cm height)

Exploded Room: Collage
(30.2cm diameter)