“Mark Lazenby is a very good collagist in the best tradition of collage making, via Kurt Schwitters and Joseph Cornell. What makes him even more interesting though, is an interest in, and a beautiful use of typography in his work. I am a fan, and owner of a collage by him”
Sir Peter Blake

My work is all collage and montage based. I have been working as a collage artist and graphic designer for over 20 years. In tandem with my collage work I am also the Art Director at The World of Interiors magazine.

Master of Arts from the Royal College of Art.

Exhibitions include:
Frieze 2016 - Group show "Freeze For Frieze" in conjunction with Moncler and the RCA
Various group shows with England & co, London, exhibiting alongside Cornelia Parker, Dan Fern and Tracey Emin. "Colour Form Play - Mark Lazenby and Liam Stevens" joint show London. Group and solo exhibitions at The Royal College of Art and numerous shows in the UK and USA

Work published in:
"CUT & PASTE, 21st Century Collage" by Richard Brereton, Laurence King Publishing. "Cutting Edges, Contemporary Collage" by James Gallagher, Gestalten. "Masters Collage" Lark Books (US).
Features and commissions included in: The Guardian, Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Independent, The Ride, Wired, WPP, Penguin, Vogue, Elephant, The World of Interiors, Dazed & Confused...

If you are interested in buying original works, lithoghraph prints or a private commission please contact me directly at Glory!

For commercial commission me please contact my agent Glory!

"Joseph Cornell has inspired generations of artists including Mark Lazenby, the talented collagist and art director who has created 'Axis of Rotation, Homage to Joseph Cornell’, inspired by the RA's exhibition - Joseph Cornell Wanderlust” The Royal Academy of Art London

"Mark creates visual symphonies out of discarded bits of paper. One of my favorite artists working today. Stunning work that is beautiful and surprising" John Gall (Vice President & Art Director Vintage Books)

“One of the few people working with collage who continually pushes the barrier" Brian Grimwood

“Celebrating the supreme talents of cracking collage maker Mark Lazenby. Collage is an art-form that can occasionally carry a whiff of the emperor’s new clothes, and there’s an over-abundance of uninspiring work that seems to have little sense of itself. The knock-on effect of this is that when a real star comes along, you can spot him immediately, though we’re by no means the first to appreciate the uber-talent of Mark Lazenby. Over two decades the man has made collages for almost all the top names in media-land, from The Guardian and The New York Times to Vogue, Wired and GQ – he can also boast Sir Peter Blake as a fan. But when the work is this consistently good, we’re not ones to eschew a good old-fashioned bandwagon jumping. Mark is able to switch between dazzlingly effective communication of a single, simple idea and more convoluted pieces which hint at several narratives simultaneously, plus he uses typography in a really interesting way. Why not lose yourself in his website for an hour/afternoon?" It's Nice That, Rob Alderson

Thanks to Liam Stevens for his brilliant logo design for me

All work © Mark Lazenby 2017

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